NAV Performance Test Toolkit Supports NAV 2016

I have just spent 3 days at Directions EMEA 2015 where I presented the NAV Performance Test Toolkit with Freddy and did a workshop on writing performance tests. The workshop had good attendance and I got some good feedback and suggestions for improvements. You can see an issue created during the session here: Issues.

I have recently updated the NAVLoadTest repository with support for NAV 2016. The changes for NAV 2016 include the references to the updated NAV Client Framework Library and some changes to the authentication code. The Client Framework library appears to have had some significant updates and now uses JSON over HTTP instead of WCF. Take a look at the communications while running the tests using Fiddler if you are interested to see how that works.

Please add your requests for improvements and other feedback to the  NAVLoadTest issues list. This is the main repository for the toolkit and will always contain the latest version of the toolkit. The other repositories won’t change so often as they are used for demonstrations and hands-on labs and need to be kept in synch with the other demonstration materials.

There are a few other improvements made recently, in particular a change that allows you to add more than 5 records to a list (see the NAVLoadTest Commits for details).

It was great to hear from so many people that are using the toolkit. I hope to be able to push some more improvements soon. Stay tuned.


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