The easiest way yet to get NAV running on Azure

When demonstrating or developing with NAV it is good to start with a new NAV environment using the latest release. Until now, it took time to get the latest NAV images uploaded to Azure. Now there is a really easy way to get the latest NAV CU deployed to an Azure VM.

Freddy has created a web application that allows you to copy a VHD with the latest NAV CU to your own Azure storage account.

The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Use the form here to copy the VHD to your own Azure Storage Account.
  2. Create a Virtual Machine Image based on the VHD in your Storage Account.
  3. Create a new Virtual Machine based on the Virtual Machine Image.

Thanks Freddy.


Getting Started

Welcome. The purpose of this blog is to share information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Performance.

I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for 7 years and I am specializing in developing monitoring and diagnostics tools for NAV.

I currently working on an end-to-end performance test toolkit that can be used by partners to test their own NAV solutions.
I hope to be able to blog about the NAV Performance Test Toolkit soon…