Microsoft Dynamics NAV Load Tests Using Visual Studio

The first video in the series about load testing Microsoft Dynamics NAV is here How Do I: Run NAV Load Tests Using Visual Studio in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The video shows how to use the NAVLoadTest solution to run load tests against your own Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

I would appreciate your feedback on the NAVLoadTest solution.


Monitoring & Diagnosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Performance

At NAV Tech Days 2014, Dmytro Sitnik and I presented “Monitoring & Diagnosing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Performance”. The presentation and video are now available for download at

The presentation was a great opportunity to see how NAV developers are interested in tools to analyze Dynamics NAV performance. There were also a lot of tough questions afterwards 🙂

What I learnt is that having a few performance counters and the infrastructure for diagnosing NAV performance is not enough. The “proper” way to create benchmarks for a system is to collect data from the performance counters over a statistically significant period of “normal” usage and then analyze the data to define the expected metrics for normal usage. This is time consuming and I think most NAV developers would like to have an easier way of determining whether their system is performing normally and to quickly identify any obvious issues.

There are tools for analyzing SQL server performance that provide a pre-defined set of “normal” performance metrics and configuration parameters to identify any obvious issues. This is not a comprehensive performance analysis but it makes a good starting point for investigations.

What is needed for NAV is a set of guidelines for NAV performance counters and configuration parameters. I will be collecting data from my own investigations to build a set of guidelines.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

The easiest way yet to get NAV running on Azure

When demonstrating or developing with NAV it is good to start with a new NAV environment using the latest release. Until now, it took time to get the latest NAV images uploaded to Azure. Now there is a really easy way to get the latest NAV CU deployed to an Azure VM.

Freddy has created a web application that allows you to copy a VHD with the latest NAV CU to your own Azure storage account.

The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Use the form here to copy the VHD to your own Azure Storage Account.
  2. Create a Virtual Machine Image based on the VHD in your Storage Account.
  3. Create a new Virtual Machine based on the Virtual Machine Image.

Thanks Freddy.

Getting Started

Welcome. The purpose of this blog is to share information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Performance.

I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for 7 years and I am specializing in developing monitoring and diagnostics tools for NAV.

I currently working on an end-to-end performance test toolkit that can be used by partners to test their own NAV solutions.
I hope to be able to blog about the NAV Performance Test Toolkit soon…